Sunday, July 11, 2010

<< Jewelery Making >>

Hey Everyone!!
Here is a piece of jewelery I made today :) 
Leave your comments below :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

<< Warli Painting >>

Hey Everyone,

I tried this Warli painting of Lord Vishnu using acrylic colors on a canvas cloth. Also I used a 000 brush for painting my Warli design...

Hope you all like it... please comment below :)

<< Glass Etching >>

Hey Everyone!!

Here is my first Glass Etching work using Fevicryl Hobby Ideas Glass Etching paste!!
How does it look.. Comment below :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

<< Paper Quilling >>

Hey everyone....

Here is my first paper quilling work on a self made greeting card!! let me know what you guys think... comment below :) 

<< Reverse Glass Painting >>

Hey everyone...

This is my first attempt on glass painting... I have not framed it yet... but i will be doing it soon!! so what you guys think?? please leave your comments below :) 

Reverse side: 

Monday, June 21, 2010

<< Itsybitsy >>

Hey everyone...

I happen to see
this site when i was googling... They are calling them as "India's No.1 Hobby, Craft and activity store". They are based in Bangalore.They have a very good collection of items.. I have ordered few of them.. I will keep ya all posted on how quick they deliver the order and the quality, packaging and stuff like that :) 

Well.. I am excited to get my stuff :D

Itsybitsy contact:
NO.77,2nd main,Banashankari 2nd stage
Near B.D.A Complex,

Remember they accept either check/DD or Paypal transactions.. No credit/Debit/Net banking transactions :(

****** An update ******

- 06/26/2010

Its been 6 days since i placed the order and i was kinda eager as of when i would get my stuff.. so i sent an email to itsybitsy and believe me i got a reply from them in just 5 mins... they said that one of my stuff is yet to arrive so they would dispatch everything together next week.. i was delighted on their CS :) 

****** An update ******

- 07/11/2010

Still I've not got my order and no email sent to me stating the reason for delay!!

I am not happy!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

<< Father's Day Gift - Ceramic Work >>

Hey everyone....

This is my (hand made) gift to my dad for father's day :)